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State Finals!


Saturday, October 22nd 

Indianapolis, IN – Franklin Central High School 


12:00 PM: Band room opens. 

12:30 PM: REHEARSAL When you arrive, put uniform on uniform rack. 

2:00 PM: Load Trucks 

3:15 PM: Depart for Franklin Central HS 

4:45 PM: Arrive at Franklin Central HS. Get off the bus, go to the bathroom, unload the truck, get concessions. 

6:00 PM: Change into uniform, assemble your instrument, and after you change put your uniform bag back on the uniform rack. 

6:35 PM: Line-Up 

6:45 PM: Transit to Physical Warm-Up 

6:57 PM: Physical Warm-Up 

7:21 PM: Transit to Music Warm-Up 

7:26 PM: Music Warm-Up 

7:50 PM: Transit to stadium 

8:08 PM: Stage 

8:11 PM: PERFORM!! 


Go to the trucks immediately after performing, and pack up. We are leaving after awards, so go to the bathroom after awards, then go to the bus. 


9:42 PM: Awards (all seniors go for awards) 

10:30 PM approximately: Depart for South. 

12:00 AM approximately: Arrive at South. Put your uniform back in the uniform room, and make sure your instrument goes back into the band room, or goes home with you. 


Please remember that you are representatives of South and the Band program 

All areas (including Bus) should be left clean 

Remember your PSYCHE BUDDY! 

Have fun and a great performance!