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There are many areas in the band program that could not function without the hard work and dedication of our parent volunteers. Take a minute to look over the groups below!

Concession Stands
The main fundraiser for the Bloomington South Band program are concession stands. We staff all concession stands during all home athletic events for the entire academic year, so we need parent volunteers all year long. If you have not already done so, please contact our volunteer coordinator to get signed up, or sign up for Concessions with the button above. 


Competition Days/Football Games
This involves being in the uniform room to help the marchers with any problems that they might have, being available at competitions to help, and making sure that all the uniforms are returned to the uniform room after a competition/game.  Depending on the number of volunteers, you may or may not need to be at every event.


Pit Crew
These positions involve being available to haul equipment to the football field and back to the school on game days. On competition days, this involves helping load and unload the trailer at the contest site, haul the equipment to the field, and unload the equipment when you get back to the school.


This group of volunteers takes attendance, solves problems, follows the chain of command, has common sense, and has the desire to ride a school bus throughout the state. We try to use volunteers that are available for each competition so that you get to know the kids on your bus and they get to know you. Once there is a final volunteer count for this position, we will know if we are able to use people that are only available
on occasion.

General Help
There are several times when we need help for just an evening or for a special event. If you are willing to help with odd jobs, this is the area for you.

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